In today’s information centric world, upgrading and leveraging the ICT infrastructure will be vital to create solutions to many issues for cities today in energy conservation, mobility and transport, safety, and other areas and improve overall quality of life.

Image: Science Center NEMO

Science Center NEMO

Science Center NEMO has strong links with an extensive international knowledge network that is focused on science and technology. The science center make... read more »

Image: Energy Atlas – Visual Energy Tool

Energy Atlas – Visual Energy Tool

How can we turn our cities into low carbon cities? Amsterdam developed an instrument to help local governments and their partners to prepare, develop and... read more »

Image: 5G Fieldlab 5Groningen

5G Fieldlab 5Groningen

5Groningen is transforming North-Groningen into the ultimate testing ground for the future generation of mobile internet. 5G enables massive IoT (Internet-of-things),... read more »

Image: Choose your Energy Moment

Choose your Energy Moment

Due to the rise of sustainable energy, the energy market is rapidly changing. Supply and demand are moving further and further apart. Consumers can help... read more »

Image: Saving Energy While Others Pay The Bill

Saving Energy While Others Pay The Bill

The goal of this project is to stimulate energy conservation in situations where people don’t pay for their energy bill. In a series of field experiments,... read more »

Image: Smart Cities Program from TU/e

Smart Cities Program from TU/e

The focus of the TU/e Smart Cities Program (SCP/e) is in line with the definition of Smart Cities used by the European Union: “how to best design and... read more »

Image: Cloudia: insight into your energy data at your fingertips

Cloudia: insight into your energy data at your fingertips

Cloudia is a data service that gives consumers easy, accurate and up-to-date (real-time) insight into their energy consumption. Consumers simply have to... read more »

Image: Smart Applications: FIWARE Lab NL

Smart Applications: FIWARE Lab NL

FIWARE Lab NL is the Dutch innovation playground for the European open cloud platform FIWARE. FIWARE provides a simple yet powerful set of APIs and standard... read more »

Image: Water Buoy: Sensing the Water

Water Buoy: Sensing the Water

Sensemakers is about human-centered technology. We do projects, share stories and learn about creating things that make sense for the world. Now the idea... read more »

Image: SAM – Robot Security Systems

SAM – Robot Security Systems

Robot Security Systems offers efficient Safety & Security solutions based on Robotics. The unique Robotics technology ensures both time and money savings.... read more »

Image: Tygron – Collaborative Urban Planning

Tygron – Collaborative Urban Planning

Tygron: Serious Gaming for collaborative urban planning Using the Tygron Engine, flood’s based on data from past natural disasters can be modeled... read more »

Image: WEPod – Autonomous Driverless Vehicles

WEPod – Autonomous Driverless Vehicles

WEpods are driverless vehicles that do not have a steering wheel or pedals. They are fully automated and are electrically powered. WEpods are tested in... read more »

Image: 3Di – Water Management Visualisation

3Di – Water Management Visualisation

3Di is a new versatile water management visualisation instrument that supports operational water management, calamity management, and spatial planning design.... read more »

Image: IoT Living Lab

IoT Living Lab

The IoT Living Lab provides public networks, open infrastructure, and data for developers to accelerate emerging IoT innovations for Smart City solutions.... read more »

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