Mobility and transport of goods are essential for a city to prosper. Cities need to take measures for the increasing pressure on the city’s infrastructure by reducing congestion, pollution and improving safety and efficient use of public space. Sharing concepts, traffic management systems, autonomous & connected vehicles, smart parking apps, e-mobility initiatives bring many benefits to a city. Explore the different projects and pilots and/or show how you think we can stay mobile, while keeping the city accessible, healthy and sustainable!

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The European Commission DG Move has invited business, municipalities, and research institutes to collaborate in twin linked pilots situated in Bordeaux... read more »

Image: Light Electric Freight Vehicles – LEVV-LOGIC

Light Electric Freight Vehicles – LEVV-LOGIC

The LEVV-LOGIC project explores the use of Light Electric Freight Vehicles (LEFVs) for the distribution of goods in cities. In this project, the Amsterdam... read more »

Image: Virtual Doorbell: the V-Bell

Virtual Doorbell: the V-Bell

The V-Bell is a virtual doorbell connected to the cloud. Visitors can “ring” the bell by touching the company on the map. When this happens they will... read more »

Image: Nederland circulair!

Nederland circulair! is the online community of the Nederland circulair! programme. This program stimulates people and organisations to work circularly... read more »

Image: Dutch Cycling Embassy

Dutch Cycling Embassy

The Dutch Cycling Embassy is a public-private network for sustainable bicycle inclusive mobility. We represent the best of Dutch Cycling: knowledge, experience... read more »

Image: 5G Fieldlab 5Groningen

5G Fieldlab 5Groningen

5Groningen is transforming North-Groningen into the ultimate testing ground for the future generation of mobile internet. 5G enables massive IoT (Internet-of-things),... read more »

Image: Bike Koerier Alphen

Bike Koerier Alphen

Human powered package delivery The most sportive, lucrative and sustainable courier in the city of Alphen aan de Rijn and its surroundings. Quick and efficient... read more »

Image: WOODYSHOUSING: Sustainable housing solutions

WOODYSHOUSING: Sustainable housing solutions

WOODYSHOUSING is the perfect solution for high quality single person housing in urban environments. We provide sustainable housing solutions and make quality... read more »

Image: Busybike – Cargo Bicycles for each desired transport

Busybike – Cargo Bicycles for each desired transport

Busybike is a dealer in top brand cargo bicycles for business purposes such as Bullitt, Workcycles, Urban Arrow and Maderna Cycle Systems. The company also... read more »

Image: Ring-Ring – A Platform to Stimulate Cycling

Ring-Ring – A Platform to Stimulate Cycling

Ring-Ring® is a platform where you and I (the choice is ours) can join. It aims to stimulate cycling. At the platform, all your cycle kilometres can be... read more »

Image: Circular City Tour in Amsterdam

Circular City Tour in Amsterdam

Play the City offers a circular city tour of the up and coming Buiksloterham area – the largest scale of circular city experiment in the Netherlands... read more »

Image: Connected Bridge Management System

Connected Bridge Management System

The bridge management system (BMS) helps bridge operators decide when a bridge can be lifted. It can take into account active traffic scenarios in traffic... read more »

Image: GeWoonboot –  Sustainable houseboat venue for meetings and training courses

GeWoonboot – Sustainable houseboat venue for meetings and training courses

The geWoonboot was built in 2007 by the DeltaWonen housing corporation, as a prototype of a self-sufficient floating home. In the Netherlands, as a water-rich... read more »

Image: FlowPatrol: Smart Traffic App

FlowPatrol: Smart Traffic App

40% of all traffic jams are caused by motorists breaking unexpectedly. The flow of traffic can be improved by providing real-time driving advice to motorists.... read more »

Image: JACK – A Foldable Electric Scooter

JACK – A Foldable Electric Scooter

Our mission is to develop and launch more new innovative electric concepts to especially the urban market.  Our latest innovation is JACK, a foldable electric... read more »

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